Update Monday 20th December 2021

LCIAD activity with Omicron variant and new measures 

The COVID experience over the last 18 months has been a rollercoaster of increased and decreased infection rates, new variants, booster vaccinations and sometimes confusing and conflicting messages as to how we need to ensure safety amongst our staff and patients. New measures against the Omicron variant came into effect on 30th November 2021.

Since LCIAD re-opened after the initial lockdown with new measures to keep our patients, staff and colleagues safe, our standard operating procedure below has meant we have been able to provide vital dental care since then and continuing hygiene and maintenance without any complications.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our wonderful patients for their humbling support, good humour, compliance with our new protocols and unstinting trust during this protracted period of unknowns. We thank all of our patients for adopting our vital Medical History Questionnaire updates at each visit and all staff and visitors on their daily risk assessment form completions.

Vaccinations in the UK have been progessing rapidly. However London still lags behind the rest of the country and the highly contagious Omicron variant has lead to an approaching 200% increase in cases on the last week alone. Another potential lockdown over the festive period appears to be imminent. Luckily, depsite this, hopsital admissions and deaths remain at a low level.

It remains of paramount importance for us to ensure our patients, their families and our team remain safe during these unpredictable and ever-changing times.  Since re-opening LCIAD after the initial lockdown on 15th June 2020, we have been able to look after our patients’ dental needs under our Standard Operating Procedures. The system changes adopted at the practice have worked very well and are now second nature. I would like to thank all of our patients and my team for their stoic and good natured compliance with all the measures listed below that we have adopted to keep everyone attending LCIAD safe.

There have been some changes to our standard operating procedures and a summary of current precedures is given below:

  • Daily lateral flow tests for all staff members are being carried out.
  • Comprehensive COVID training for our team which is regularly implemented, discussed and and reviewed at each staff meeting.
  • Procurement of enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) from multiple sources to ensure continuity. We continue the use of FFP2 and FFP3 masks for all staff but have dispensed with nylon gowns and hairnets as we feel that these do not contribute effectively to prevention of cross infection. However, if you would like to wear a protective gown, they are still available on request.
  • All visitors in a professional capacity to the practice continue to undergo an up to date COVID risk assessment prior to visiting. Patients will be asked to update their Medical History Questionnaire (MHQ) as normal 48 hours before their appointment and will be asked verbally if they have any changes between completion and attendance. They will no longer have to complete our entry form as we have seen that the incidence of any changes between completion of the MDQ and attendance has been negligible over the last year.
  • All staff complete daily documented self-assessment forms and are equipped with PCR tests at home in case of overnight symptoms whereupon they do not attend the clinic.
  • Temperature checks upon entry for our patients, team and visitors has been discontinued.
  • Social distancing measures – including staggered scheduling of patients so that you are not in contact with other patients that attend the practice. We also have the advantage that the practice does not share our entrance with any other business.
  • Protective personal equipment for patients as well as staff and hand sanitisation stations provided at the practice entrance and around the premises.
  • Anti-viral iodine solution mouthwash rinses before your appointment will be continued into January until Omicron-fuelled numbers that are now hitting 85,000 new cases a day reduce.
  • Deep cleaning of the surgeries after each visit and all on-site daily or sessional laundering of all clinical wear (which we have always done anyway!).
  • Regular cleaning of our communal areas.
  • Fallow times after each appointment will remain as 15 minutes after operative procedures but not after consultation / examnination or short appointments.
  • High volume suction as routine which reduces aerosol by over 90%.
  • Air exchanges of all surgeries, reception and sterilisation rooms with scientifically tested and verified Woodpecker Q7 viricidal air filtration units continuing to be used routinely all day.
  • Regular hypochlorous acid fogging of all operatory rooms in the practice.

Latest Government figures for COVID 19 infection in Marylebone and Westminster are available here.

We thank all of our patients for your continued trust and custom during this unpredictable time. All the team at LCIAD are proud to look after you to the highest standards we can achieve in London and look forward to welcoming you in 2022.

Our colleagues from Italy (Dr Milvia di Gioia and Dr Isabella Rocchietta) and France (Dr Gregoire Audi) have altered their diaries to conform with current quarantine laws and patients should contact the practice on 020 7323 3041 or email to inquire as to availability and timings of appointments at LCIAD.

Please see our Standard Operating Procedures document via the link below. It contains detailed information on how LCIAD has functioned and will continue to function for the foreseeable future with minor changes updated as above. Please take time to read this for important information relevant to your future care at LCIAD. All patients should read sections 5-7 prior to attending for their appointment.


With very best wishes for a safe and healthy remainder to 2021, a happy festive season and New Year on behalf of the whole team at LCIAD.

Dr Koray Feran BDS MSc FDSRCS
Clinical Director LCIAD

LCIAD Post COVID-19 return to work Standard Operating Procedure V1.2 12th June 2020