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Isabella is a registered specialist in periodontology who has a deep passion for providing specialist dental care in a warm and gentle environment. She is an almost exclusively referral-based clinician at LCIAD.

She is world-renowned for her skills in regenerating and reconstructing lost bone and gum tissue. Her strong clinical and research involvement allows her to apply the most proven techniques and innovative biomaterials to treat everything from the simplest cases in a minimally invasive way to the most complex bone and gum volume regeneration cases.

Her specialist care focuses on treating patients who have advanced gum disease (periodontitis) together with our hygienist, Rosanna Hosker-Thornhill, and who have lost bone or have not received the ideal care elsewhere. She uses modern regenerative technologies to save most of even severely affected teeth.

She has published numerous scientific articles on the reconstruction of bone using biomaterials to allow dental implant placement with the use of sophisticated techniques using CBCT scan-generated 3D models to diagnose and assess each case.