LCIAD losing tooth dental implant dental emergency

Please call us now if you
have a dental emergency

Nobody likes a dental emergency. You want it to be gone. Today. If you need attention immediately, please email the practice,  telephone 020 7323 3041 (not available at weekends or holiday periods) or fill in the emergency request form below and submit. LCIAD regards the following items as being true emergencies and will do everything possible to ensure that you receive attention as soon as humanly possible, even if you have not been to LCIAD before*.


LCIAD Dental emergency toothache dental pain


Dental pain that does not respond to anti-inflammatory painkillers requires urgent attention. Even if it is to temporarily get you out of pain by administering local anaesthetic we will do our utmost to see you on the same day. If you have severe dental pain that is unresponsive to anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen, please contact us immediately.

LCIAD dental emergency bleeding after extraction

Bleeding that does not stop

If you have had an extraction or surgery in your mouth and the bleeding does not stop, please contact us immediately, especially if you are taking any blood thinning medication. (This may include but not be limited to aspirin, clopidogrel or warfarin.)

LCIAD dental emergency swelling pain raised temperature

Swelling or infection especially if accompanied by a raised temperature, difficulty breathing or swallowing

If you have a dental infection that is causing severe swelling or is accompanied by pain, an elevated temperature, difficulty in breathing or swallowing or is making you feel significantly unwell, please contact us immediately.

LCIAD dental emergency trauma front tooth breakage assault

Trauma, especially to front teeth from sports, an accident or assault

If you have suffered an accident that involves your teeth, please contact us immediately. If possible and safe to do so, please attempt to locate any fractured fragments and bring them with you.

LCIAD dental emergency, lost filling broken tooth

Breakage or loss of filling or crown on a visible tooth

Loss of a dental restoration is obviously inconvenient and can cause discomfort and sensitivity.

If this is one of your front teeth, it is our duty to ensure that you look presentable as soon as possible.

Please contact us immediately.


Pricing policy and terms for emergencies

Emergency appointments will be charged at the normal hourly rate for the practice which is payable when the appointment is booked.

*Please note that emergency dental services at LCIAD are available only to existing patients of LCIAD outside normal practice hours and may incur a callout fee at our discretion. 

We do not provide occasional emergency care for patients registered at other practices without a full New Patient Consultation. Patients new to LCIAD attending for emergency appointments will be encouraged to undergo a full New Patient Consultation to be informed of their current dental situation in detail.

We regret that the practice is closed over the Christmas and New Year period and at weekends and Public Holidays without availability of clinical staff.

Please note that no guarantees are given for emergency work carried out and no liability is accepted for repair or recementation of previous work not carried out at LCIAD.