As dental professionals, we must be registered with the General Dental Council and meet their standards.

There are nine principles that we must follow:

  1. Put patients’ interests first
  2. Communicate effectively with patients
  3. Obtain valid consent
  4. Maintain and protect patients’ information
  5. Have a clear and effective complaints procedure
  6. Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients’ best interests
  7. Maintain, develop and work within our professional knowledge and skills
  8. Raise concerns if patients are at risk
  9. Make sure our personal behaviour maintains confidence in us and the dental profession

LCIAD follows the General Dental Council’s Standards for the Dental Team, details of which are available via the link below.

General Dental Council Standards for the Dental Team

Dr Koray Feran BDS MSc FDSRCS
Implant and Restorative Dental Surgeon
Clinical Director, LCIAD