“When I retire and leave my practice on my last day at work, I would like to leave knowing that none of my hundreds of patients that I’ve seen over the years require any dental work other than regular hygiene and examinations for the foreseeable future. They will know what I know. Then I will feel I’ve achieved something.”

Dr Koray Feran, Founder and Clinical Director

At LCIAD we believe that every patient should have access to excellent dental treatment. We also believe that dental education and after-care should be available to every patient that makes them aware of their own mouths and drastically reduces the need for significant future intervention.

New decay, gum disease or failing dentistry in an existing patient is not something we want to see.

Dentistry is an integral part of holistic healthcare and medicine. It covers multiple disciplines to maintain and restore the beauty and function of the natural dentition that those with healthy teeth almost take for granted. Most patients do not see the level of thought and intricate planning that goes into providing the dental care that we are known for at LCIAD.

Our profession encompasses a multitude of skills:

  • Knowledge of biology and the complex anatomy of the head, face and neck
  • Biological, mechanical and neuromuscular function
  • Materials science
  • Diagnostic skills based on observation, photographs, radiographs, CBCT scanning and 3D digital scanning
  • Planning for and dealing with the unknown
  • Manual dexterity and stamina
  • Patient psychology and the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life and with all sorts of personal philosophies
  • Liaising with third parties such as doctors, medical laboratories, anaesthetists, dental laboratories and specialist colleagues outside the practice
  • A working knowledge of ever-changing and ever more stringent regulations
  • The ability to manage an expensive business requiring a vast array of materials and equipment with escalating maintenance, insurance and indemnity costs
  • Being able to constantly learn and apply new skills and to teach our patients and our colleagues about the advances that we are making whilst all the time making it look effortless and routine but knowing we have put 100% of our effort and ability into every aspect of our work
  • Maintaining the lifelong relationship between our patients and their dental team.

All of this while trying to maintain a work-life balance!

Most importantly it is about the ethos of being able to look our patients in the eye and tell them that what we are recommending is the same thing that we would recommend for our loved ones and for ourselves. It is about ethical dental care to protect what you have and replacement of what you have lost. We want you to be able to confidently face the world and function day-to-day without embarrassment or fear in the knowledge that every detail of your dental care has been done from the heart.

Our weekends are spent planning your cases and communicating to you what we see. We normally say that for every hour of dentistry there is an hour of planning in your absence, of which you are not aware. Most of our patients are busy professionals, who demand and have every right to expect a seamless, well-planned, well-executed and predictable service from us to fit into their busy lifestyles. This takes a huge amount of quiet time outside clinical practice and is reflected in the fees that we must therefore charge.

We have well over a century of cumulative dental experience in the practice.  Over our practising lives we have honed what we know and how we do things so that we know what works and what will stand the test of time. We are all members of numerous different organisations, academies, teaching groups and study groups and are in constant contact with colleagues from all over the world. All of this knowledge is fed back into the system. Please let us advise you accordingly.

This is not just a dental practice. It is an oasis of knowledge, experience, dedication, enthusiasm and love for a difficult and demanding profession of which we are all very proud to be a part. This applies not just to our clinicians but also to our nursing and administrative teams, dental laboratories and suppliers, any of without which we could not function. High-end dentistry and textbook dental care is not just a job or a career, it is a calling that we live and breathe even when we are not at the practice.

Our promise is to treat you with every good will and to look after you, as our respected patient and not just a set of teeth. We want to ensure that your dental problems become a thing of the past and dental visits become a welcome and routine part of your general healthcare and well-being.

We hope we are able to convey how important you are to us.

Welcome to LCIAD.

Implant and Restorative Dental Surgeon
Clinical Director, LCIAD