LCIAD is proud to be one of the very first dental practices under the global umbrella of the Slow Dentistry Global Network. Dr Koray Feran was invited as one of the Honorary Global Ambassadors for his philosophy of practice which was aligned with the ethos of Slow Dentistry from the very beginning.

Slow Dentistry empowers our patients with the knowledge that we take the fundamentals of excellent clinical care seriously.



Slow Dentistry epitomises the aspects of dental care that patients have always found to be important in a clinic. These are:

  • Practice and room disinfection and cleanliness
  • Informed consent
  • Excellent anaesthesia and patient comfort
  • Use of rubber dam and the quality of dental work

It does not, of course, mean prolonging the procedure, but it does mean planning and allocating sufficient time to carry out a procedure well without time pressures.

Slow Dentistry empowers our patients with the knowledge that we take the fundamentals of excellent clinical care seriously.

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2. Practice and room disinfection and cleanliness

It is your right to expect and demand a clean and hygienic practice.

We have always gone to great lengths to exceed what is expected of us at every level.

After the coronavirus outbreak, this has become even more important and we introduced additional protocols

  • Pre-operative medical updating before every visit
  • CE-marked personal protective equipment to FFP2 and FFP3 standard for appropriate procedures
  • Air purification units in each room
  • Hypochlorous acid in our water lines and as a cleaning agent




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3.Air purification and room misting as standard

As well as conforming and where possible exceeding HTM01-05 requirements, we have invested in state-of-the-art virucidal Woodpecker Q7 high pressure plasma air purification systems in every surgery, decontamination room and reception.

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LCIAD New patient consultation preliminary dental report PDR

4. Informed consent.

You must be fully informed of all aspects of your treatment.

Our full procedure for our consultation process is detailed here.

The video shows the thought processes behind how we ensure we diagnose your problems and give you complete and correct advice from the very first appointment.

Your case is always fully documented, our advice clearly written, our fees transparent and your active consent always sought.

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5. Excellent anaesthesia

Modern dental care should never test your pain threshold. This should not even be an issue with modern dental care.

We are careful and spend time to ensure that you have proper anaesthetic and pain control throughout your treatment.



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6. Rubber dam and proper isolation of teeth during dental treatment

Modern dentistry performs best when teeth are isolated during treatment.

This protects the patient from materials used during dental procedures.

It also protects the teeth from contaminants during technique-sensitive bonding procedures.

Of course, it also protects the patient and the dental team from airborne pathogens that may be generated during procedures.

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