LCIAD anxious patient supported relieved

I need a very gentle dentist who understands my concerns

We truly pride ourselves on being extremely gentle with all kinds of treatment.

Every patient has different concerns, often based on past experiences that they have found unpleasant.

Please take the time to tell us in detail what aspects of dental care you find most difficult to tolerate or have the greatest anxiety about.

We promised that we will do our utmost and take time to make your dental visits not only free of anxiety but actually something you look forward to.

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LCIAD anxious patient dental phobia hiding

I am nervous about dentistry and very anxious about going to the dentist

Of course, dentistry is routine for us.

But we always remember that it may not be routine for you and may indeed be something that causes a lot of anxiety or stress, even for something as simple as a check-up.

We also understand that this is not always something you can control and even the most rational people can have irrational anxiety about visiting the practice.

Very often, but not always, this is based on a bad past experience.

We are very good at ensuring that we build up a series of much better “past experiences” during your visits here that allows your dental visits to be much more relaxed and indeed maybe even something you look forward to.

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LCIAD Anvios patients dental phobia fear of dentist

I had a bad experience in the past that has affected my confidence

We truly sympathise if you have had a bad experience in the past.

Please tell us about this experience and how it made you feel so that we can understand how it affected you and how it continues to affect you.

Different patients have different anxiety triggers and it is not always the obvious things.

The more we know about how you feel, the more likely we are to be able to address the little things and restore your confidence

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LCIAD anxious patients dental phobia sedation courage

I feel I really need to be sedated to have any dental work done

If you really feel that you need assistance to cope with necessary dental care, we work with some wonderful expert anaesthetists who specialise in looking after nervous dental patients.

They will attend the practice to administer sedation and help look after you during treatment.

We have known and worked with some of these colleagues for over two decades and have successfully treated many of patients who would otherwise have avoided the dental care that they require.

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