Health is first, last, everything

The first step to improving your smile is to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy.

A very thorough cleaning by our hygienist, Rosanna (Rosie) Hosker-Thornhill and then maintaining the result with immaculate brushing and flossing at home – on a daily basis using a fluoride toothpaste – and being careful of the frequency of sugar in your diet will allow you to keep your teeth healthy for the rest of your life.

Healthy teeth and gums look… well…. healthy!



Your first hygienist appointment at LCIAD

Our first appointment for a new patient at LCIAD is 90 minutes.

This gives Rosie the time to fully assess your dental and gum health as well as any habits such as overbrushing, smoking or use of recreational drugs that may have an adverse effect on your dental and gum health.

She will carry out a full charting to map your gum condition. This gives us a basline from where we can improve your dental health.


Oral hygiene advice

Most patients miss at least part of their mouth when cleaning. This can lead to gum disease or decay in hard to reach areas.

We map where you are missing cleaning, photograph thgese areas for you and then create a tailor-made oral hygiene program to ensure that you leave no plaque behind after cleaning.

Plaque is the biggest cause of dental disease. Remove it well and stay healthy longer!


Cleabing and stain removal

LCIAD tooth whitening Vita shade tab

Tooth whitening – simple, safe and effective

Tooth whitening using proprietary dental whitening products has been carried out for years to predictably improve the brightness of your teeth without damaging them.

LCIAD Dr Shiraz Khan Icon before and after

Stain and patch removal with ICON advanced resin infiltration techniques

The optical properties of teeth can be changed by resin infiltration and microabrasion. These techniques are conservative and effective ways of treating teeth with irregular light or dark patches.

Please book a consultation with our resident expert in this technique, Dr Shiraz Khan

Invisalign clear removable brace

Align, bleach and bond

ALIGN. If your teeth are not straight, then we are able to align them.

This can also improve an irregular gum line which is reflected by the positions of the teeth.

It is always better to spend time to move healthy, natural teeth rather than have them irreparably damaged by trying to reshape them with veneers and crowns. These treatments have their place, but not on healthy teeth as far as we can avoid!

BLEACH. Dental bleaching (or dental whitening, as we prefer to call it), is the use of approved products to whiten teeth at home.

Tooth whitening is a safe and predictable way of lightening the colour of your teeth naturally. You can stop or top up at any time.

BOND. It is possible to improve the shapes of the teeth by simply bonding tooth coloured filling material to the deficient or worn surfaces and polishing them to a lustre.

The combinations of aligning, bleaching and bonding on healthy teeth can be a very conservative and effective way of improving your smile without invasive dental work.

LCIAD Invisalign brace close-up


Invisalign can help to treat a variety of orthodontic complaints including teeth which are crooked, crowded or have gaps between them. Invisalign appliances are clear, removable and comfortable, and they will not interfere with your life. Because it’s nearly invisible no-one can tell you are wearing Invisalign, so you can smile more during, as well as after, your treatment.

Dr Shiraz Khan is certified to provide the Invisalign system and has treated many patients with excellent results.

LCIAD 3-Shape intra oral scan upper and lower

Photography, video and digital scanning

We take multiple photographs, video and intraoral optical digital scanning to assess your smile both in pictures and during function.

We will analyse, using various tools, exactly what it is about your smile that requires improving. This may not be just the teeth themselves but also their relative positions, how much you show when you smile, the tone of your lips, how much gum or tooth you show when smiling, laughing and talking and a multitude of biometric measurements that will reveal exactly what is not correct.

We can then discuss with you exactly what it is you would like to change and how this might be possible in the most conservative way.

We also work closely with our LCIAD Face colleague, Dr Milvia di Gioia, who is responsible for our non-surgical facial aesthetics treatment which may complement improving your dental appearance.

LCIAD 3-Shape intraoral scan

Smile design, assessment and planning

We can design the ideal tooth shapes outside the mouth either on models of your teeth or digitally. We will make templates and mock-ups that can be tried on over your existing teeth to see the effect that might be achieved before we undertake any treatment.

We would normally want to make the most of tooth alignment and whitening first. Accurate mock-ups of your final tooth shapes that can be made before any treatment is carried out also help us to limit damage to your natural teeth whilst we improve your overall smile.

Smile design and improvement can be time-consuming so please think ahead if you want to look good for your wedding!