Lciad solutions for tooth loss dental implant

Dental implant solutions for tooth loss

Keeping your teeth is best.

However if you have already lost a tooth or are about to lose a tooth,  we have the expertise to replace them.

We have been placing and restoring dental implants since 1991.

We understand that losing a tooth due to trauma or a disease process such as tooth decay or gum disease can be very distressing.

We will help you get through it step-by-step. Replacement of a tooth that is about to be lost with a dental implant is now a routine procedure but we need to thoroughly assess and diagnose the condition of the gum and the bone first before we advise you of the best approach.

We have very high success rates with dental implants based on many years of experience.

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What are dental implants and what does treatment involve?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for the root of a tooth.

It is a titanium attachment that is specially designed and treated to allow your own natural bone to fuse to the surface.

The implant becomes part of your jawbone and allows us to attach solid and natural-looking teeth to replace ones that have been lost. This bone fusion process is known as osseointegration and was discovered in 1952 by orthopaedic surgeon Prof Per Ingvar Brånemark, the grandfather of modern implantology. Much has advanced since then.

We can replace single teeth or whole arches of teeth  where all of the teeth have been lost with dental implants.

Dental implant placement is also almost always accompanied by augmentation of the bone and soft tissue volume that has also been lost following loss of natural teeth.

We are proud to be a certified clinic for Megagen Dental Implants.

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LCIAD losing tooth dental implant dental emergency

I am about to lose a tooth and I am worried

Losing a tooth due to trauma or a disease process such as tooth decay or gum disease can be very distressing.

We will help you get through it step by step. Replacement of a tooth that is about to be lost with a dental implant is now a routine procedure but requires a thorough assessment and diagnosis of the condition of the gum and the bone around the tooth.

If the tooth really cannot be saved, we will do our best to replace it with a dental implant immediately on the day it is removed.

We truly appreciate that this is a difficult time for you, but dental implants can now mimic natural teeth very successfully.

Please call us to see how we can help make this transition a positive experience.

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LCIAD lost teeth dental implants

I have lost one or more teeth in the past and would like them replaced

If you are missing multiple teeth have often also lost significant amounts of bone and gum volume.

You may also often have adisrupted bite where other teeth have moved around.

We will collect information for detailed planning and expert advice to ensure that the final results of your treatment are as expected and stable for the long-term.

If you need to be able to look good, eat well and not worry about loose dentures or the inability to chew in company, LCIAD has the expertise to guide you through all of the necessary steps to a predictable result that will serve you for many years.

Please call us to see how we can help. Not all implant dentistry is the same and our attention to detail is known amongst our peers.

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LCIAD Full aupper arch implant bridge

Replacement of full upper and / or lower set of teeth

If you have been wearing complete dentures for many years or have suddenly lost fixed dental work due to breakage or advanced gum disease or decay, you normally have a complex problem that requires expertise to solve.

We are able to reconstruct your jawbone and place dental implants to support solid tooth replacements for the whole arch of teeth that look natural and allow you to eat without discomfort.

Such cases can be very challenging as patients who have lost all of their teeth tend to also have lost extensive amounts of bone and gum volume.

We have the expertise to plan and carry out state of the art dental implant treatment that will enable you to function, eat, smile and be confident in public.

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I would like to replace my mobile dentures with fixed teeth

If you have dentures that move around and are uncomfortable to eat with, we have a whole range of solutions to provide you with fixed teeth and the confidence to smile and eat without embarrassment or self-consciousness.

Say goodbye to denture fixative forever and don’t think twice about biting into an apple again.

Even if you have worn dentures for many years, we have techniques that can rehabilitate your appearance and function and restore dignity and pride to your dental appearance.

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LCIAD Dental implant problems or failing implants

I have problems with my existing dental implants

Patients who have had dental implants in the past will have seen the great benefit that this treatment can provide.

However, sometimes implants can develop their own problems such as infection and bone loss, loosening of an implant or gum recession around an implant that causes unsightly appearance of metal.

As well as providing dental implants, an increasing part of our practice is treating problems associated with previous dental implants.

We have experience in providing dental implant treatment and looking after patients who have had dental implants in the past. We know what works and how to reverse and treat problems that can develop with dental implants over time.

If you feel that you have a problem with one or more of your existing dental implants, please call us to see how we can help.

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Dental implant costs - LCIAD

How much do dental implants cost?

Contrary to popluar belief, the fees for dental implant treatment are generally unrelated to the costs of the actual implant.

Fees for implant treatment are influenced much more by the complexity of your case. This includes the integrity and volume of the bone and soft tissues in the implant site. It may also include a compromise in your bite stability.

Cases involving simple implant placement in good bone or to replace a tooth about to be lost are generally less costly than when volumes of bone and soft tissue must be rebuilt.

Costs of dental scans, biomaterials, time spent in treatment and provisional restorations to protect the site during healing and shape the site after healing should also be taken into account.

We do not sell dental implants and so do not have a set fee. An accurate estimates for your case is given after suitable consultation and treatment planning.

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