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I have been told I snore

Patients who regularly snore normally do not derive the maximum benefit from a good night’s sleep and their partners will know that it is not only their sleep that gets disrupted! There are several reasons for snoring and at LCIAD we have the expertise to diagnose the reasons that this happens and help to alleviate this obstructed breathing pattern to improve your quality of life.

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I have been told I stop breathing during the night

Whilst snoring is a partial obstruction of the airway during deep sleep, sleep apnoea is the complete obstruction of breathing during sleep.

This can have multiple physiological detrimental effects not least of which is the feeling that despite a long night’s sleep you still feel tired in the morning and tend to need a nap during the day.

The body is effectively starved of oxygen during these episodes. At LCIAD we have the crossover expertise to diagnose and help treat sleep apnoea to improve breathing during the night and allow more restful sleep.

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I regularly wake up tired or sleep fitfully

Regularly waking or sleeping fitfully may be due to snoring or sleep apnoea.

This can cause daytime fatigue and a lack of the type of sleep that allows our bodies to recuperate after a long day at work.

At LCIAD we can work with sleep experts to ascertain whether there is a dental cause or a dental solution to alleviate snoring and sleep apnoea by helping to reposition the lower jaw during the night and improve airflow whilst sleeping.

Sleep apnoea can also be related to dental para-function and night-time grinding or clenching of your teeth.

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Why come to LCIAD for management of sleep problems?

Dr Milvia di Gioia is our dental surgeon with a special interest and experience in the treatment of patients with sleep apnoea and airways obstruction.

She works closely with the ResMed Centre for Healthy Sleep to co-ordinate the interrelated disciplines and provide night time appliances for our patients that allow better sleep