A ship is carrying 12 goats, 6 sheep and 4 cows. How old is the captain?

A friend recently posted this to Facebook and received some guesses based on who knows what. The correct response was that there was no way of knowing as there was inadequate information. We can only reach good decisions if we have adequate information. We can only obtain adequate information if we have a systematic way of collecting and analysing it.

Why did your dental surgeon refer you to LCIAD?

When your dental surgeon refers you to LCIAD, it is normally because you have a problem that is not easily resolved with conventional dentistry. Perhaps there is a lot going on. Multiple infections, broken teeth, lost bone, poor gum condition, collapsed bite, jaw joint problems, pain, inability to chew, poor appearance, failing previous work, broken implants, complicating medical condition. Or any combination of these things. And more.

The have given us a great responsibility to ensure that everything is done correctly. We are tasked with repairing nature. Therefore, we need to undertake a great deal of planning to ensure that every step of treatment is planned and predictable, and every problem is resolved. To plan well we need information.

Why is our consultation process so special?

When we say New Patient Consultation, we don’t mean just a 30 minute chat and cursory examination. We mean really getting to know you.  Our New Patient Consultation is a 90 minute information collection process. It is preceeded and followed by3 or more hours of our undivided attention. This includes pre-consultation homework before you even attend. It also includes post-appointment analysis, diagnosis, report writing, accurate and realistic costing and communication in our own private time.

We truly believe at LCIAD we carry out the most comprehensive dental consultation there is.This commences even before a first appointment. It starts with your referral from your referring dental surgeon and your completed Medical and Dental Questionnaire. Our homework starts before you even attend.

At your 90 minute New Patient Consultation, we would like to get to know you. To understand what is most important to you and your approach to dental care. We then systematically examine you and take necessary x-rays and photographs and video. We take our time because this is the survey before the architect’s plans before the building. Everything we will report on and every item of advice we give you and every step of your treatment plan will depend on our discussions and information collected at this first New Patient Consultation.

Over the years we have honed this process to ensure that we detect every possible problem that may affect you and give you options for management that fit in with your wishes. Our patients don’t like surprises. It is our duty to inform them and educate them about their dental and oral health and we really do take this very seriously.

Peace of mind

It is in our nature to care about you and respect you as an individual and we proud of the long-term results we achieve with our approach. Our aim is therefore to inform and advise you to the highest possible standard in our profession. Our objective is to educate you to maintain the best dental health and give you true peace of mind for the future.

To experience the LCIAD approach, please contact us.

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