14th Sep 2023

The Important Role of Dental Photography and Presentation in Modern Dentistry

The endeavour to capture high-quality dental images transcends mere artistic inclination. It serves as an indispensable instrument for diagnosis, treatment planning, and documentation, while also functioning as an educational tool for patients and an invaluable record in medico-legal circumstances. The Technical Foundations of Dental Photography and the Importance of Selecting the Appropriate Equipment and Settings Investing…

20th Jan 2022

The LCIAD Consultation and Treatment planning process series launched on Dentinal Tubules

We are known by our colleagues for the quality, breadth and completeness of the LCIAD consultation and treatment planning process. This is a vital step to be able to provide you with a proper report after your consultation and ensure that you are aware of all of your options before consenting to treatment. In late…

22nd Feb 2021

SCULPT – a new way to train

Introducing SCULPT – the new home learning composite resin masterclass for all levels Dr. Shiraz Khan, along with his dental student colleague Curran Patel, has formulated a revolutionary training system and pathway for dentists, dental students and therapists to practice their manual composite skills at home. What has been created? SCULPT – Practice Makes Permanent…

29th Jan 2021

Immediate Life Support (ILS) Training for Dental Sedation at LCIAD

Anyone who has completed our Medical History Questionnaire knows that we take the medical well-being of our patients at LCIAD very seriously. Medical emergencies in dental practice are thankfully rare. Some practitioners may go their whole lives without seeing one. However, this is precisely why it is important to train regularly and meaningfully to ensure that…

22nd Dec 2020

The Koray Feran Prize at King’s College Faculty of Dentistry

In recognition of outstanding patient care and operative skill, the Koray Feran Prize has been awarded each year since 2014 to the students showing the highest levels of skill in patient treatment and case presentations at King’s College Faculty of Dentistry. We are proud to list the recipients below to date and wish them all…

9th Nov 2019

Dr Koray Feran speaker at BACD Congress London 2019

Dr Koray Feran was invited to lecture for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry at its annual congress on 9 November 2019 in London on the subject of “General as is the new specialty – treatment planning in a litigious age”.

31st Oct 2019

LCIAD Dental, Academy and Face Website launch

We are are delighted to announce the launch of our three new interconnected websites for LCIAD Dental, LCIAD Academy and LCIAD Face on 31st October 2019. Our team celebrated with a spot of impromptu pumpkin-carving to set the Halloween launch date mood. LCIAD Dental is for our modern dental practice in the heart of London’s…

18th Jun 2019

The LCIAD Study Club on Occlusion

Dr Attiq Rahman explains the intricacies of occlusion at the LCIAD Study Club at the Academy of Medical Sciences with Dr Morteza Mazinanian