24th Mar 2023

Tools of the trade: Why is the cost of dentistry so controversial?

A colleague from dental school days, Dr Jane Lelean, who is now a respected practice coach assisting dental surgeon colleagues to improve the quality of service in their practices, recently posted this familiar parable to a dental Facebook site: “PAY FOR EXPERTISE WHEN YOU NEED A JOB DONE CLIENT – How much will it cost…

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20th Jan 2022

The LCIAD Consultation and Treatment planning process series launched on Dentinal Tubules

We are known by our colleagues for the quality, breadth and completeness of the LCIAD consultation and treatment planning process. This is a vital step to be able to provide you with a proper report after your consultation and ensure that you are aware of all of your options before consenting to treatment. In late…

22nd Dec 2020

The Koray Feran Prize at King’s College Faculty of Dentistry

In recognition of outstanding patient care and operative skill, the Koray Feran Prize has been awarded each year since 2014 to the students showing the highest levels of skill in patient treatment and case presentations at King’s College Faculty of Dentistry. We are proud to list the recipients below to date and wish them all…