23rd Nov 2023

The importance of informed consent in modern dentistry – Why do I need a dental report?

“Have a seat, we will take care of you.” An Introduction to Informed Consent in Dentistry Rather than a reassuring moment, taking a seat on a dental chair can be stressful for some people. It can be associated with past bad experiences when you are not at your most receptive to important information. However, it…

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14th Sep 2023

The Important Role of Dental Photography and Presentation in Modern Dentistry

The endeavour to capture high-quality dental images transcends mere artistic inclination. It serves as an indispensable instrument for diagnosis, treatment planning, and documentation, while also functioning as an educational tool for patients and an invaluable record in medico-legal circumstances. The Technical Foundations of Dental Photography and the Importance of Selecting the Appropriate Equipment and Settings Investing…

24th Mar 2023

Tools of the trade: Why is the cost of dentistry so controversial?

A colleague from dental school days, Dr Jane Lelean, who is now a respected practice coach assisting dental surgeon colleagues to improve the quality of service in their practices, recently posted this familiar parable to a dental Facebook site: “PAY FOR EXPERTISE WHEN YOU NEED A JOB DONE CLIENT – How much will it cost…

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7th Feb 2023

Gum disease (periodontal disease) – what is it and how is it treated?

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease of the gums caused by bacteria that live naturally in your mouth. It causes progressive destruction of the gum and bone around the teeth that can lead to tooth loss over time. What causes gum disease?  Bacteria live in colonies called plaque which forms on your teeth constantly. Plaque…

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12th Sep 2022

The Artists’ Porcelain – Dr Fabio Perez and the art of feldspathic porcelain

The Artists’ Porcelain Most modern dental work is carried out using strong modern ceramic materials. Most often the material of choice is zirconia or lithium disilicate ceramic (commonly known by the name of e.max). Zirconia has excellent structural properties but tends to be quite opaque and can appear false as it tends to block light…

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20th Jan 2022

The LCIAD Consultation and Treatment planning process series launched on Dentinal Tubules

We are known by our colleagues for the quality, breadth and completeness of the LCIAD consultation and treatment planning process. This is a vital step to be able to provide you with a proper report after your consultation and ensure that you are aware of all of your options before consenting to treatment. In late…

31st May 2021

Why is dentistry so expensive?

Why is dentistry so expensive? The very simple off-the-cuff answer is because the provision of private, quality, healthcare, be it dental or medical, is “expensive”. Everybody knows this. But what is expensive? What is “Expensive”? If I said that a chersonese costs £10,000 is this expensive? If a chersonese was a cup of coffee, then…

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26th Apr 2021

Dr. Shiraz Khan breaking his way to being a better dentist

Shiraz Khan’s philosophy on dentistry, getting into breaking and the power of exercise when working in the profession. Taking up breaking may well be one step too far in any dentist’s move to boost lost activity levels in a profession known for its sedentary drawbacks. But for Shiraz Khan, his wellbeing ‘win’ is, in essence,…

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1st Apr 2021

The importance of planning

A ship is carrying 12 goats, 6 sheep and 4 cows. How old is the captain? A friend recently posted this to Facebook and received some guesses based on who knows what. The correct response was that there was no way of knowing as there was inadequate information. We can only reach good decisions if we…

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22nd Feb 2021

SCULPT – a new way to train

Introducing SCULPT – the new home learning composite resin masterclass for all levels Dr. Shiraz Khan, along with his dental student colleague Curran Patel, has formulated a revolutionary training system and pathway for dentists, dental students and therapists to practice their manual composite skills at home. What has been created? SCULPT – Practice Makes Permanent…