31st May 2021

Why is dentistry so expensive?

Why is dentistry so expensive? The very simple off-the-cuff answer is because the provision of private, quality, healthcare, be it dental or medical, is “expensive”. Everybody knows this. But what is expensive? What is “Expensive”? If I said that a chersonese costs £10,000 is this expensive? If a chersonese was a cup of coffee, then…

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1st Apr 2021

The importance of planning

A ship is carrying 12 goats, 6 sheep and 4 cows. How old is the captain? A friend recently posted this to Facebook and received some guesses based on who knows what. The correct response was that there was no way of knowing as there was inadequate information. We can only reach good decisions if we…

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22nd Feb 2021

SCULPT – a new way to train

Introducing SCULPT – the new home learning composite resin masterclass for all levels Dr. Shiraz Khan, along with his dental student colleague Curran Patel, has formulated a revolutionary training system and pathway for dentists, dental students and therapists to practice their manual composite skills at home. What has been created? SCULPT – Practice Makes Permanent…

17th Feb 2021

Halitosis – preventing bad breath

Halitosis   Halitosis (bad breath) is a common complaint amongst patients. There are many possible causes of bad breath, ranging from dehydration, dietary choices, mouth-drying medication, chest infections or acid reflux.  However, around 90% of cases are due to poor oral hygiene, periodontal (gum) disease, coating on the tongue, food stuck between teeth, unclean dentures, faulty dental work or throat infections. During lockdown, many patients have neglected going to the hygienist….

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29th Jan 2021

Immediate Life Support (ILS) Training for Dental Sedation at LCIAD

Anyone who has completed our Medical and Dental Questionnaire knows that we take the medical well-being of our patients at LCIAD very seriously. Medical emergencies in dental practice are thankfully rare. Some practitioners may go their whole lives without seeing one. However, this is precisely why it is important to train regularly and meaningfully to…

25th Jan 2021

The importance of hygiene visits during lockdown

Dear Patients,   I am Rosanna Hosker-Thornhill, the hygienist and therapist at LCIAD. Dental hygiene appointments are the cornerstone of any successful practice. Regular hygiene appointments are proven to increase the longevity of dental work, prevent new disease from taking hold and ensure regular monitoring of every aspect of your dental health before minor problems…

22nd Dec 2020

The Koray Feran Prize at Kings College Faculty of Dentistry

In recognition of outstanding patient care and operative skill, the Koray Feran Prize has been awarded each year since 2014 to the students showing the highest levels of skill in patient treatment and case presentations at Kings College Faculty of Dentistry. We are proud to list the recipients below to date and wish them all…

6th Mar 2020

John McLean Symposium 6th March 2020

The annual John McLean symposium had a record turnout this year at Prospero House. Organised by Dr David Winkler and Prof Avijit Banerjee in tribute to the late, great John McLean, the leading dental practitioner and internationally renowned dental materials scientist, author and lecturer, the symposium attracted students and experienced clinicians alike on a day…

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24th Nov 2019

Slow Dentistry – thinking fast and slow Kahneman-style

Slow Dentistry launches in London on Saturday 23rd November at Millbank Towers. Dr Koray Feran lectures on the importance of slow thinking Daniel Kahneman style in treatment planning in modern dentistry.

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9th Nov 2019

Dr Koray Feran speaker at BACD Congress London 2019

Dr Koray Feran was invited to lecture for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry at its annual congress on 9 November 2019 in London on the subject of “General as is the new specialty – treatment planning in a litigious age”.